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thursday night i was planning on going to a club and got in my car. i was a lil low on gas so i was heading str8 to the gas station. when i pull out the driveway i can feel like the engine was suckin for gas. so carefully i limp to the gas station but it didnt wanna make it. odd enough it usually does especially since it's not empty. so i called a friend to bring some gas. i must've put at least 2 gallon of gas ($5.00) into it and was plannin on going back to the gas station again for more fuel but the car still was acting like it's sucking gas. lucky i had the fuel gauge in my trunk. i connect it and the gas gauge read 10 psi. so i was thinking my gas pump was shot. i push the car back home and didnt go to the club.i didnt touch the car till today and attempt to start the car. it start right up like brand new. the voltage was up. the gauge read 40psi and everything like nuthin happen. i turn it off and turn it back on and it still works. could it be my relay going bad? im afraid to drive out in the street and get stuck in the middle of the road.
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