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Fuel Rail quick connect fitting O rings Need replacement? part numbers?

The larger, closest to the front fuel quick connect fitting that snaps onto the fuel rail seems to have one damaged O ring, Figures, 25 years old, ethanol fuel.

I remember seeing varying solutions on how to pick out the O rings and what O rings worked and which ones were too small but it seems the internet got censored and little to no returns pop up when searching. Web pages go down links change ETC. I think the feed is 3/8 and the return is 5/16?

If anyone knows What size what part and Where to get for the Feed and Return quick connect O rings w/o replacing the whole steel fitting, let me know

Oh In cool news I have 4 leaking multi techs injectors. 2 on bank 2 on the other. Wonder why the MPG sucks and the crankcase reeks like gas. I might go with Bosch 3 injectors. Wonder how that is going to work out on a mostly stock car 24lb of course. .

25 year old an 47k. Multi poops injectors probably not worth cleaning
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