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The fuel pump has failed again! The relay is also cracked and appears to have been over heated and has been replaced with the OEM part.
Now there are not too many options when replacing the fuel pump unless you still have an original GM housing. The pump was replaced with the Spectra unit so I am not sure whether the spare GM pump will fit.

GM does not sell the complete assembly any longer. The AC Delco site shows two parts listed for the Impala. The MU2430 pump and sender housing (19422390) comes without the pump. This is listed on Rock Auto $81.79.
The pump is EP376 (25163464) and is the same unit that we have as a spare and it is listed for $76.79. For the combined parts that comes to $158.58.

Rock Auto has the Ultra-Power assembly listed for less than $86.00.

The Spectra SP128B1H lists for $213.30 on Amazon.

I came across some off brands on EBAY but I am reluctant to try them

When the pump is removed from the tank the decision will be to buy the GM/ACD parts and install the completed assembly or install the pump motor in the Spectra housing.

I am considering making a hole in the trunk so the tank does not have to be dropped to replace the pump. Has anyone already made this modification?

I have a 2002 LeSabre and there is a cover in the trunk that makes this repair so much easier. I will try to make a cover similar to what is installed there.

Parts replacement options have decreased as time goes on. I like to have reliable parts to ensure that they don't fail after a short service period. I do not see and pressure or volume ratings for the parts listed in this post.+
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