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the fuel pump finally went on my '95 9C1 (avatar pic) I also had a small fuel leak that I noticed up till storing it for a couple of years. I finally got a shop up and got to work on the car.
The pump was shot but the tubing on the fuel sending unit was rotted out too. Seems that the Prince Edward Island "sand" had found a place to gather and speed up the corrosion process.
Hundreds of dollars later, I'm stuck on how to repair the VENT hose connection??. Does it really matter if it's connected?? Can I get away with capping the new fuel sending hose connection. (evap wise)??? Everything else is new but the auto parts place I deal with has no new evap hose repair parts. Weird I know as they got me everything else I needed.......
I'd love to put the tank back up and put some miles on my car before the snow flys and it's time to store it away again, thats all.
Any thoughts??
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