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fuel tank heat shields

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First off, do they all have that foam insulation material between the shields and the tank? Mine does, but looking at pictures of others that doesn't appear to be a universal truth.
Anyway, it seems that the insulating foam material between the fuel tank heat shields and the tank itself also serves as an adhesive of sorts. When I popped the shields off, I broke that adhesive bond, obviously. How do I get it back? Add glue? More foam? Also, if I were to get new heat shields, do they come with foam preattached? Or is it a kind of foam I can buy in the store and just spray in there?
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re 1996 Caprice 146k B4U

I've noticed something hanging underneath the rear of the car near the fuel tank. It looks like a sheet metal baffle, possibly to somehow keep the fuel tank from being penetrated. I can't really see it and I'll have the mechanic put it on the lift to inspect it. I'm worried it might catch on the pavement and cause some damage. The shop manual calls it the "fuel tank Shield" but doesn't show a drawing. I'd rather know what I'm talking about when I bring it to the mechanic also to make sure if we reattach it somehow that we do it correctly. Anybody got any ideas or pictures or source for some? The heat shields I've seen on the forum don't look anything like what I'm talking about.
I was dropping the gas tank heat shield .... my 1996 Impala is new and I dropped it around 8 yrs ago ....
the shield is rusted dropped it .....I was now the Impala running great .....I was doing the bilsteins shocks ...
the front passenger side spring was vehicle lower .. the engine compartment was the the HVAC/alternator/power steering pump/battery ... I used the spring coils passenger side , used the nut springs then lifted it ''
left /right side same measurement ...
so you updated it to the stainless steel heat shield ..
my 2000 silverado was the exhaust pipes/mufflers and the heat shield s/steel ...
Check out this thread. There are pictures in there of the two pieces of the uppers and further down, a post of two lower parts

/Gas Tank Heat Shields WANTED
I wanted by my Impala shield 500 bucks ... a bit of rust ... I used the rust proofing then take it off ..LOL...
"I always figured it was the collision aspect and not just from idle time, although that could also make sense as the tailpipes can get pretty hot. In a rear end collision though there's a good likelihood the gas tank will crush up into the OTA pipes. Wouldn't take much time to melt through if touching and the car was still running, and that would likely result in a big fire."

Not that you're wrong but if a collision were enough to push the fuel tank that far forward I would be more concerned with tank rupture, fill tube or fuel line damage as being more of a fire risk.
yes the plastic tank is rocks and the metal of the road then damage the plastic tank.
I was doing the temp heat gun and the temps are around 110 f of the gas tank in the summer to the pipe area .
those collision shields are not damaged front of the tank ..
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