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fuel tank heat shields

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First off, do they all have that foam insulation material between the shields and the tank? Mine does, but looking at pictures of others that doesn't appear to be a universal truth.
Anyway, it seems that the insulating foam material between the fuel tank heat shields and the tank itself also serves as an adhesive of sorts. When I popped the shields off, I broke that adhesive bond, obviously. How do I get it back? Add glue? More foam? Also, if I were to get new heat shields, do they come with foam preattached? Or is it a kind of foam I can buy in the store and just spray in there?
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@sherlock9c1 not sure Roy isn't one of those bots. 'I was now the impala...' What is that??
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Here's a diagram of the heat shields. Each side is made of the 3 parts.
Second diagram is a view of the fuel system and they show only the lower part on one side for reference.

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Check out this thread. There are pictures in there of the two pieces of the uppers and further down, a post of two lower parts

/Gas Tank Heat Shields WANTED
I wanted by my Impala shield 500 bucks ... a bit of rust ... I used the rust proofing then take it off ..LOL...
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Also bear in mind, in a rear impact you might have tank to heatshield to exhaust pipe direct contact. The shields would act like a heat sink cooling the pipe when it's pushing on the tank.
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