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Full schedule and rules for the Tulsa ISSCA Nat's (updataed 7-6-03)

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I promised to find out the answers to a few quesitons that have been lingering.

Hey guys, (that means guys and gals where I grew up in Michigan).

Some answers to Some questions:

1. Gasoline at the track: Yes, Sunoco 110 leaded. They will have 1 55gal drum of Sunoco 100 unleaded for us though. (edited).

2. Glue: Yes. The track will get glue. We'll try to compel the staff to keep the track in good shape as much as possible.

3. Lanes: 5 lanes for staging and arranging cars around mid track, that merge into 2 lanes....all to ourselves. Test n Tune cars will be on the same side of the track but in their own 6 lanes. (edited)

4. How late: No cerfew. We will be able to race even past midnight if needed. But: The track staff is confident that we will be done by 11:30pm. (edited)

As I get more and more certain information from the track owner, then I'll post. My goal is to have listed here all of your lane assignments and a detailed schedule and expectations, (which you'll get when you register at the hotel). But ideally, I'm going to try to finalize the drag racing festivities and put it on paper for you ASAP.

ISSCA Co-Racing Steward, (i.e. Race competitoin director).
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Here is more schedule detail. I hope it will paste in. (nope, it didn't...I had to adjust the format) This is what the folks at Tulsa Int'l Raceway, (TIR), will use to help run our event. I think it's going to be more fun that you might think. Evening racing is a very good idea.

Friday, July 18th
Tulsa Int’l Raceway
Alan Cooper - Karl Ellwein competition directors/point of contact for ISSCA

3 Classes
Super Sport (ET Bracket no electronics, deep staging allowed, 1st round looser buy-back, TIR staff picks bye) Eliminations start at 7:30pm

Super Natural (All Natural qualified quick 8, .400 pro tree, quickest ET gets lane choice) Eliminations start at 10:00pm

Super Pro (Power Adder qualified quick 8, .400 pro tree, quickest ET gets lane choice) Eliminations start at 10:00pm

Super Pro and Super Natural ladder will be: (1 vs 8) (4 vs 5) on one side of the ladder
(2 vs 7) (3 vs 6) on the other

2 open timed runs for bracket race cars at about 6:15pm and 6:45pm

2 Qualifying rounds for quick 8 cars at about 6:15pm and 6:45pm (these cars will be staged behind the bracket cars and when they come to the head of the lanes, the tower will begin to record qualifying)

The 10pm Quick 8 1st round is the ISSCA National Record round.

Quick 8 cars will get 10 min cool down between rounds minimum.

Quick 8 drivers who also compete in the ET race will not be guaranteed cool down time prior to running in an ET round.

All Quick 8 contenders should have their cars ready for tech prior to the 5 PM gate opening so that they can make the 1st round of qualifying at about 6:15pm. Open timed runs will NOT be used for the Quick 8 qualified ladder. Only the ET’s from the 2 designated qualifying sessions will be used to set the Quick 8 ladder. No driver will be allowed to participate in the Quick 8 race if they have not qualified. No exceptions. (make sure you get there and are ready for tech at 5pm)

In past events, it has been very difficult to compel the slower Quick 8 qualifiers to participate, (i.e. #6, 7, and 8 qualifiers).
If a qualified Quick 8 participant does not show up for his or her round of eliminations, then their opponent will receive a competition single.

All air conditioners must be turned OFF and remain OFF for the entire event. Anyone who ices his or her intake must ensure that all melted ice water is contained.
Any participant who drips water onto the track as a result of running their air conditioner or icing their intake will be disqualified.

All street tire cars MUST drive around and back into the water box if they elect to perform a burnout. No exceptions.

See general competition rules on next page.

(this is tthe next page below)

ISSCA Drag Racing Competition Rules, from

Car and Driver must pass the local track safety inspection and have all required safety equipment as per local official rules.

1. All competitors, crew, and guests must sign the waiver
2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be tolerated
3. Snell 95 or later approved helmets are required for cars running 13.99 seconds or faster
4. Late entries will not be allowed missed time runs
5. Speed limit on site (off the track) is 10 MPH
6. Running numbers will be assigned at registration
7. Your car must be in safe running condition
8. You must have working OEM seat belts or better (5 point harness)
9. Any sized front and rear tire is allowed
10. Any gasoline is allowed
11. Batteries must have the positive post insulated
12. All loose items must be removed from the car including floor mats
13. Spare tire must be removed or securely fastened in place
14. There is no minimum weight restriction
15. Windows must be installed
16. Big blocks and other motor swaps are allowed
17. Any transmission may be used
18. Any drive train is allowed
19. Exhaust system must meet the requirements of the local track
20. All body panels must be factory original steel, (or equivalent), except hood and bumpers
21. Hood, bumper covers, and trim can be made of any material and of any aftermarket shape or style
22. Suspension mods are unrestricted
23. Any fuel system is allowed
24. Hot-dogging, showing off or unsafe practice will earn DNF
25. Windows will be rolled up during runs. A/c will be off

CLASSES are Super Sport, Super Natural, and Super Pro

This class is ET bracket racing for all cars. There are no sub-classes.
Super Sport class is foot brake only. No starting line aids or electronic ET aids allowed. No transbrakes allowed.

This is a heads up class for naturally aspirated cars

This is a heads up class for power adder cars (Super charger, Turbo charger, Nitrous)

Class Record ET and MPH runs will be held during the 1st round of Eliminations. Record runs must be backed up within 0.2 seconds and 1 MPH on the day the record was set. National records will be verified by the National Racing Steward staff and maintained for archival purposes.
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