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Future Membership Privileges?

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I just saw the thread posted by Scott Vaca,

and wondered if there was any plans to make ISSCA shirts like this?

I realize that there is a great deal going on and that some of the dust needs to settle, but if Scott has a connection, maybe we could get some ISSCA shirts done (after we get final approval on the logo).

What do you all think?

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Mike - I think the final logo has been approved, just not made public ???

And as always I'm a big tee-shirt fan, so if the ISSCA needs a fund raiser, I'm in for tee shirts ( with a pocket for my shades now! ).


Here's the updated info on the HOTSS shirts:

HOTSS is in the process of becoming an ISSCA Chartered Club. Once we meet the requirements set forth in the By-Laws, we will have the ability to use the new logo on polo shirts, T-shirts, etc. This will involve a set-up fee of roughly $100 (more or less, depending on the intricacy of the logo). I think we should have the minimum # of ISSCA members to be a Chartered Club soon!

More to come later...

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Thanks for the correction. Too bad I'm not a member of HotSS, the shirts look really cool.

You can still buy one. Just cause you are no t in HOTSS, does not mean you can't own a cool shirt!

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