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Has anyone else noticed that the instructions give several wrong pieces of information?

First it says to "use the lower of the two bolts for the ground wire as the upper is used for the air bag" (my factory 96 Impala uses the LOWER bolt for the air bag ground).

Second it says "to plug the power wire into the empty space at location 23 in the fuse block" (there is nothing at all in this location, not even a connector). My location 18 has an unused connector which is one row over and is where I "think" this wire should go. Does anyone know if they want a keyed hot for this wire?

Lastly, it says you can fine adjust the "full" and "empty" positions, that would be fine if they hadn't put that black tar stuff over EVERYTHING. Guess if I need to make any adjustments I need to carefully remove the tar from above the adjustment screws.
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