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For the longest time I searched online high a low for ANYONE who has installed Lokar's 700R4 Anchor-Tight Locking Trans Dipstick into a 4L60e. The short answer is yes it will work just fine on early 90's 4L60e's. Let me explain.

Lokar's website only lists an Anchor-Tight Trans Dipstick available for the 700R4 and Lokar's tech support will tell you, (because they told me) that even though the 700R4 and early 90's 4l60e one-piece case with the non-removable bell housing is essentially the same case, that this cable won't work, but it does.

However, If you have a late 90's+ 4l60e two-piece case with removable bell housing, I don't think it will work due to the thicker bell housing.

Here is my experience installing it on to my Buick Roadmaster project.

First, I would recommend unlocking the tube assembly from the Lower Retaining Sleeve and using the provided plug install the plug into the retaining sleeve and you'll have more leverage to push the retaining sleeve into the transmission tube hole.

Before you begin pushing the retaining sleeve into the transmission tube hole, start the pan nut on to the threads of the retaining sleeve that are already available on the inside of the transmission tube hole. This makes it easier to rotate the nut as you push the retaining sleeve into the transmission tube hole.

You will have to find a creative way to tighten the nut once the retaining sleeve is fully installed as you will not have a way of using a socket, but it doesn't need a lot of tightening as it only requires 20 INCH-pounds to tighten, which is just essentially hand tight.






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