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Are consumers important? Are companies doing that good that they can just blow off orders?

I am refering to Global West and their solid tie rod sleeves. I placed an order about two or so weeks ago. I waited patiently. And waited...and waited, then I called them. The lady that helped me was very honest at least. She said that they have a lot of back orders on the sleeves, but that they would be ready to ship in about a week. I said okie dokey. I waited and waited then I called again. This time she says " the guy that makes them is at lunch and that he would call me back". I just replied," Mam, I would just like to cancel my order". She said okay and I told her to have a good one.

What really infuriated me was that I recieved no call from them telling me the status of my order. If I had not called would they have?
American companies have really gotta start getting on the ball. Especially, with the layoffs and such.


Nuff said.

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I had a not entirely dissimlar experience with GW.... I ordered a set of rear LCAs from them on 8/31... they told me they were being made now, and it'd probably be 2 weeks before they shipped... I said no problem, but I absolutely HAD to have them no later than September 26th....he said no problem.

just over 2 weeks later I called to check, the lady tells me "Oh, we don't have them here, it'll be at least another week before we get them and ship them. I complain that this puts the ship date out to week of 9-21, and with ground shipping the 9-26 date is pretty quesitonable. She says she can have a guy (Doug maybe? or Steve) call me back. Hours later he calls back, I explain the issue, he says "she doesn't know what she's talking about, they're right here, and I'll be happy to send them 2nd day air so you'll have them on Friday, 9-19". I say "great!" and I think... this is how customer service should really be, and they just have a dumb person answering phones.

So Friday nothing shows up. Monday nothing shows and I call to the guy again who promised 9-19... he says "well, we didn't get them back from powercoating as soon as we thought we would (wait, last convo you said you HAD them...) so we can't ship them out to you until 9-24. He ALSO seems to have forgetten he supposedly upgraded my shipping for free, and my order is still showing ground shipping. He offers to upgrade me to 3-day, and I remind him, no, I said when I ordered 9-26 at the latest, so he offers to do 2 day (which he'd already done but never recorded anywhere it seems). I say fine.

To my great surprise, they DID actually show up on 9-26 finally... But it was a pretty poor experience overall.

I _HATE_ when bad companies sell good products... drives me nuts.

As a contrast, I had a similar time-sensitive problem with Dan from Clear Image on a set of headers and cats that kept getting delayed in getting to me, and Dan went so far out of his way to insure I finally got what I needed when I needed it that I'd very happily recommend dealing with him to anyone.... (and he ALSO has a fantastic product, he just happens to care about his customers too).

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In that situation it is a hard deal, as a Dealer for many Mfg's I am up against the wall & can do nothing when they do such things. If it is our fault (as a dealer) then that is where we try to make a difference. If I screw up, then I screwed up & need to take care of it.

I have never seen the GW sleeves but I stock the Hotchkis sleeves at my shop. They should not that much different but I honestly don't know.

AutocroSSer would know what, if any difference there is.

If interested let me know.


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Functionally, the Hotchkis sleeves are identical AND they look better (black powdercoat vs thin zinc coating).

I won't go into details here, but lets just say I'm not surprised by these stories.

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Thanks guys for posting your experiences. [email protected] Limits I will contact you when I order the sleeves, I forgot about all of your services. It looks like I'm broke from suspension mods.
I really feel like and Idiot. Why you ask? Well I know of the many GREAT vendors we have here on the Impala site and what do I do, go somewhere else.
Somebody pimp slap me p-l-e-a-s-e!!!

Also, b-body net should update and verify their vendors on a regular basis.

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I had a 5-week wait for my GW front springs. To make a very long story short, my car sat on jack stands for three weeks before the springs showed up (after 4 promised delivery dates were missed).

I'd love to support the "little guys" out there that support our cars with good products (and the GW fronts springs are great products), but it's tough when the customer service isn't so good. The folks at GW were always polite, but that didn't get my car back down on the ground.

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i wanted to get the del-alum bushings and springs from them for drag racing. the first call i left a message- no one ever called back. i called 2 weeks later and "some one would get back right away". a week later someone called (doug i think. it's been a while) i never called back. it was too late.

if i can't get your attention BEFORE i give you money- i'll NEVER get your attention after you got the dough. :mad:

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Gee I guess I am lucky - ordered front springs from GW during the summer. They said they were in stock and I had them within a week.
Figures I guess because they are still in the garage waiting to be put on the car.
Must be somebody's rule - when you don't need the part right away it will be there right away.
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