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GM 10108672 Fuel Rail Cover Studs Thread Size?

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Does anybody happen to know the thread size of the Fuel Rail Cover studs?

I'm hoping to use the mounting hole to mount part of my modded throttle cable in for my '63.

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So far I've ruled out the following:

M5X0.8 Too Small
M6X1.0 Too Big

Thought that since every other tapped fastener hole on the intake was metric these would be too...

Well #12-24 starts but still doesn't feel right. Changed direction. Since I already have an EGR block off plate, I just used the EGR studs as my mounting point for the throttle cable end bracket. V1 works with some washers for shims but I'll need to adjust some bend angles for V2.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts