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Hello I have a 1994 RML. I changed the dash bezel to a 1995. I now have a 1999 Aurora CD/Cassette head unit in it. It is similar to a Monsoon unit. (I also have a 1999 Aurora with an added Delco 12 CD Changer using existing harness).

I have spliced in the Aurora plug into the car's harness. (the plug is the same as a 1995-1996 RML plug).

The unit works perfectly the only thing is I could not adapt the dimmer wire that goes to the Climate Control unit, so its lights are always full on bright.

So I once found a harness that adapts a CD changer to the head unit, it fit perfectly but had a short. I returned it and all this supplier's harnesses turned out to have a short (they were Delco harnesses, but apparently defective). They had a "T" configuration where you would plug one end into the unit the other into the car's main harness and then the harness goes to the CD changer from there.

I also have sitting around a Corvette CD changer harness, but nowhere to plug it in on the head end. I guess it would plug into a place in the Corvette's main harness.

So, does ANYONE know how I can get my CD changer wired into my head unit that would normally accept a changer if the wiring were done properly?
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