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Has any one ever had any problem with these pads not fitting correctly? I put on the new hangers and calipers and then tried to slide the pads in. Of the 4 only 2 fit the other 2 are too long and won't fit into the slots in the hanger. The nose on 2 of them are straight on both ends and the other 2 are slightly bent outward on both ends. I compared them to my old Durastop pads and they are about 1/8 of an inch longer. I'm not really sure what to do. I could grind a little of the excess from each end but not sure if i want to do that. the other option is to return them but I'm stationed in Germany and it would be a couple of weeks before i got the replacements and whats to say they wouldn't be the same.

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Sounds like you're out of sequence.
Remove Calipers. Place Pads into Bracket on each side of Rotor, then install Caliper.
:eek: Make sure the Slide Pins[in Brackets] are well greased. :eek: BEFORE you install Calipers, of course!

Caliper Pistons must be pushed in, if you're using original Calipers[4" C-Clamp can be used].

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Maybe I explaned it in the wrong order. My problem is that the metal base of 2 of the pads is too long to fit into the hanger.

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Don't forget, there is an INNER and an OUTTER Pad.
Edit Add: Don't hold me to this. All Rear Pads may be the same. It's been a while.

Btw, what PN Rear Pads did you buy?

Edit Add: My new Dorman PN 619-001 Rear Caliper Brackets[still waiting to be installed], between flats, measures a hair under 5 3/8".

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Yea even with the caliper off the pads still wont fit. I have never seen anything like this before. The part number for the pads is 8859 I got them from the superstore, Along with the dorman hangers.

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I'm sure Larry will be answering this too, but 8859 means nothing in the Impala world.

Any pad set for the B-body JL9 rear brakes will likely contain the number string "628" as part of the part number--for example, the common Performance Friction rear pad is listed on the PF website as 0628.20 AND commonly the PF packaging also has the number "6284", which breaks down to:

628 pad spec (as assigned by FMSI, the Friction Materials Standards Institute, specifically D628, where D is for DISC), and -4 friction compound (the "street" compound formulation number that PF uses to identify this particular pad).

I've mentioned FMSI many times in the past, and for anyone wondering if they are for real, here's a link to a page of their new website:

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That 8859 may be valid[KINDA]?
Here is what I found here
*Durastop Rear Pads
AC Delco PN 17D628M
GM PN 18029163

*Durastop Rear Pads~Performance
AC Delco PN 17D628MHP
GM PN 18038859~~~~~~~~Are these the Pads you have? :confused:
If so, they probably should fit.

Like stated, between flats on my B'kts is hair under 5 3/8". Measure total lenght of your Pad backing plates[if measures over 5 3/8", that's your problem].
Also measure 'between flats' on your B'kts(Hangers) too. Maybe they were machined wrong? :confused:

NOTE: This is not to say FOR SURE, the measurement I've given 'between flats' on my B'kts is correct for our application. My B'kts could be mis-machined? Doubtfull, same with your's.
Maybe someone, with uninstalled B'kts could post measurement on their's also. Thanks.

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Good catch, Larry--I should have considered that GM-sourced parts have 2 ID methods--GM 8-digit numbers and whatever ACDelco uses, in this case the 17D628MHP:

17 represents the ACD "commodity group"--brakes

D628--already explained


HP--"High Performance"

Still, great curiosity why the pads won't fit the calipers.....send us some pictures, Richard!

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Larry, Those are the pads that I have, and like I said earlier I also replaced the hangers with the Dormans. I took the old pads which are the same part number and layed them side by side with the new one and the the new ones are longer, not alot but enough so they won't fit in the hanger. I checked the old hanger and the new hanger and the slot where the pad goes is the same length so i know its not that. Navy Lifer, I will get some pictures and post them on Monday (can't get to my car until then)
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