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Ok, so I was lazy and missed booking a room at the host hotel. Instead, I snagged a room for 3 nights across the parking lot at the Super 8, super cheap.

I was checking out the satelite picture and noticed that right next door to the hotel is a Go-Kart track and a mini golf course.
Anyone know the area and what that's all about?
Or did I just totally miss the memo?

Here's a link to a bunch of stuff going on nearby that weekend:
Stuff going on around St Loo

If I can get away from the festivities for a couple of hours on Sunday I'd like to check out the Father's Day car show at the National Museum of Transportation. We'll see.

Silver is really looking forward to checking out the free concert by the St Louis Symphony. Guess I gotta bring some dress-up clothes.

Anyway, it's really coming down to the wire. I'm still waiting for my tranny, torque converter and fan relay harness.
I'm peakin' bros! Getting the car ready is stressing me! LOL!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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