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I was wondering if anyone may be heading out to the good guys nationals at the end of the month? I just happened to be perusing the calendar in Hemming's and came across this posting.

I haven't been to anything yet this year, and was thinking about going to something that represented all sorts of flavors involved from the Muscle Car era, since I can't justify a Carlisle trip, and my Grandmopther has passed away up there, so no free room & board for the trip.

Anyone thinking of heading to this show, or anyothers in the SouthWest region, now that it's ~starting~ to cool off from the 100' weather. (Granted, I'm not writing that it's a walk in the park out here in the Lone Star State, but anything lower than 100' is a blessing).

Whadda ya say?

Goodguys 27th Summit Racing Lone Star Nationals

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