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Went down to Cape Coral on Sunday and met Rich(S-to-the-S)good guy and his 9C1 is going to be pretty tight once he puts it back together.

I bought his Sprint Lowering springs off him.

1) I cant afford the shocks right now, is it that big of a deal to lower it and not replace the shocks at the same time? I'd like to put some Bilstiens on it but cant afford the $300.00 right now.

2) I am not going to put the springs on until i get the ZQ8 bumpstops so it help out with the ride. Just got to get with Dal or local GM dealer and get'em

3) Wheres the best place to get an Alignment. I am guessing anywhere that does them but would rather go somewhere that isnt going to screw it up since its lowered and not stock height.

ps also got some SS w/leaping deer emblems to replace the stock leaping deers behind the quarter glass

Thanks guys

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damn u ...i've been lookin' to buy a set of Sprint springs this week and i live in Lehigh which is right up the road from Cape..How much did u get the springs for? Post the pics when u get em' done!

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Sorry bout that.
I paid $100.00, i didnt think that was to bad for them seeing is how on ebay they are 171.00 plus shipping.
Figure cant go wrong with 7mth old used springs.

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1)well you'll prob blow the shocks in no time, but yes you can, ( psssit, go tchek the post of toomany toyz, he found some pretty cheap ones)

2)Any GM dealer can obtain those bump stop ( s10 bump stop zq8 design)

go to a place that has a laser alignment that you trust, for this I dont know where to send you since we are not in the same corner of America ;) but laser is a good way to do those, also a place that is knowledgeable about that kind of job

hope this helps!
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