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I know a GP was just done on the Earls parts... but I wanted to do one to introduce my new parts.
I am now offering a 5 piece kit and you can see details at:
Rustic Racing Brake parts

I would like to offer this kit for $130 shipped.
I know it's not as cheap as the Earls kit that was just offered... but as you see, my kit is quite a bit different.

The main differences are the colors that are offered and the 5th line is longer than stock to account for longer rear control arms.

Please respond here with the color you want if you are interested.
PayPal can be sent to [email protected]

I will accept orders at this price up until next Friday the 17th.

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I'm interested, how much for the full kit with front calipers?
$430 shipped for the calipers and all 5 lines.

Got you covered...

No black man... unless you want stock-like rubber lines... we can do that.
Red, Blue or Clear/silver in the braided SS
I just talked to my guys and they have the black back in stock... so the black is a GO!

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what are the differences between your rotor and stock that improves stopping power?
Your question confuses me a little because I don't sell rotors (I assume you meant to say calipers)... and I also don't claim that these calipers improve "stopping power"

My single piston calipers have less piston area than stock (so you will get more rear brake)... but there will be an increase in pedal effort.

The dual piston calipers have more than stock calipers... if that's what you're looking for... but I don't have them up on the website yet.

Take a look at this post for a comparison:;f=23;t=001958

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Got my lines installed last week with NavyLifer's front end 9C1 brake/bearing kit.

All I can say is, "WOW!!!".

Oh, and thanks Chris for the donations to the Daytona raffle. Now I need to install a new set of your spark plug wires and Bostic's instant center brackets! YEHAAAAAA!!!!
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