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Group purchase: Beefy sedan tow hitches, 100% bolt-in

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Hey all!

In the works right now is a sedan tow hitch based on the old discontinued Draw-Tite.

These are my goals for this hitch:

1. Easy for the average guy to install with basic tools (no welding)
2. Stronger and more capable than the original Draw-Tite
3. Affordable

One of the biggest design differences will be the following:

I'm sure there are terms for this that I haven't learned yet, but on the Draw-Tite, the receiver tube is welded between two perpendicular pieces of steel. According to "my guy", it is much stronger to use one continuous length of steel with the receiver tube welded ON it.

Who would be interested in a hitch, and how much is it worth to you?

I hope to have a dozen of these, and I'm shooting for well below $300 retail.
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The big deal I see here is Michael sells pieces so a guy can make his own hitch .
The guy making his own hitch bares responsibility for the safety and suitability of his own hitch.
I have make one off hitches before , sure .

YOU Caddylack , are offereing to bring to market a finished bolt on product.
It's suitability, safety, responsibility , may fall directly on your shoulders.
This is where J684_201405 may come into play.
Especially in this litigation happy society we live in.

Sure a strong trailer hitch is a pretty simple endeavor to make and you think you are just selling some to your buddies on the forum,
But when good neighbor Sam has his Airstream tumble down an embankment you just know he will be looking for soneone to blame even if your uncertified hitch had NOTHING to do with it.
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Yeah , just like cheap roll bars are sold as light bars ,
You could sell your hitch as a truck nutz mount.
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So theirs have two welds in shear , yours are in tension ?
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DMARS-compliant steel

M ?

New stuff for me to learn
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