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Group purchase: Beefy sedan tow hitches, 100% bolt-in

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Hey all!

In the works right now is a sedan tow hitch based on the old discontinued Draw-Tite.

These are my goals for this hitch:

1. Easy for the average guy to install with basic tools (no welding)
2. Stronger and more capable than the original Draw-Tite
3. Affordable

One of the biggest design differences will be the following:

I'm sure there are terms for this that I haven't learned yet, but on the Draw-Tite, the receiver tube is welded between two perpendicular pieces of steel. According to "my guy", it is much stronger to use one continuous length of steel with the receiver tube welded ON it.

Who would be interested in a hitch, and how much is it worth to you?

I hope to have a dozen of these, and I'm shooting for well below $300 retail.
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I feel pretty confident that I will be able to sell a few of these, as long as I can keep the cost reasonable.
How are you going to recoup your NRE costs with just a few?
Ok. I'm sure testing and certification isn't going to be cheap.
At the least, a 'use at your own risk' label MAY get you some lega protections. But may loose some customers. 95wagon beat me to it.
Who does only 'off-road towing only'... com'n..
We are talking public safety here. To the point, you publicly admitted to wanting to skirt the law with your off road statement.
Visual look of 'quality' is meaningless. What grade steel? What thickness? What did the load analysis show as margin, etc etc. It is a no-brainer
That's an improvement over your first design, which had 8" of weld in tension vs 12" in sheer and 4" in tension on the original. As drawn and assuming the whole perimeter of each tube is welded.
Now you have 6" in sheer and 2" in tension for pulling, better, but also puts the welds in tension again to handle the vertical tongue weights. Without picturing how the gussets go.
So, without testing or a loads analysis, is it good enough? Maybe. And retains some margin (engineer overkill), Maybe
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