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Anyone have a GTech?
I'm interested in your numbers and how you like the GTech.
I just got one and the front red lens looks like a misfit. There is 1mm of air space at the top of the window where the lens doesn't seal against the housing. I can push the window back and forth and see the electronics behind it.
Are they all like this?
Seems like there might be some problem with dirt, dust or moisture entering and ruining the magic stuff inside.
I'm anxious to try it but think I may want to send it back for exchange. What do you think?
How do others look?
Mine came mailorder from Summit inside the Summit box was a brown cardboard box marked GTech but the items inside were packe rather loosely in plastic zip lock gag, The unit itself was in a bubble wrap bag that could be opened or closed.
I Paid the full $139 and wonder if I got a recycled reject.

Rich A 95 1A2 SEO Wagon
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I just received one from NAISSO (presumably new) and it was packed the exact same way so I'm pretty sure that's just how Tesla Electronics ships them.

And I STILL haven't gotten a chance to mess with it much yet!


Ed Runnion -- Santa Clara CA -- 96 BBB, Many Mods
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I've got one, and the lens thing sounds like a problem ,cause mine is fine.

Numbers, 96 Impala SS w/K&N Gen II and home plate removal and nothing else: 15.02-15.21. At the track (15.02, 15.18) Pretty accurate. With the DynoMax UltraFlow, 14.96-15.1, at the track, 14.974, 14.98. One thing I did notice is that my ET went down and so did my trap speed by 4-6 MPH. The 15.02 runs without the cat-back were at 96-98 MPH, and the 14.9 runs were at 92 MPH.

Oh and 0-60 times at about 6.4 - 6.7
None of those numbers have been corrected for temp or altitude, but the track I run at is only about 1500 feet above sea level.

One of the most fun toys I have, especially if you have a lot of friends with quick toys

The best is when you take a couple guys out for a ride when they have never been in one before, and hook up the G-Tech just so they KNOW how fast the 2.5 ton 4 door sedan is with 4 people in it. And mine isn't even that fast.



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I don't have one personally but I've borrowed one from a friend. Have not did the 1/4 due to not enough good road with no traffic. Have done several 0-60 runs stock and also after each mod. All runs were 6.4 to 6.7 depending on off the line wheespin. These #'s didn't change when I added the Flowmasters or did the home plate delete w/ 1le elbow and swiss cheese airbox. Oh well, maybe my mods would show improvement more in the 1/4 than 0-60. My altitude is 1800 ft. Would that really make a big difference in times?

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I had a G-Tech in the car during track runs. It is very consistent and reads about .1 sec slower ET and between 2 and 3 mph higher than the timeslip. 0 to 60 times were all 5.4 except one 5.3.

Pat Gish - 96DGGM
HPP+, 160 tstat, K&N, Drilled Airbox, TB Airfoil, TB coolant bypass, 1.6 RR's, Crane springs, Adj FP Reg, home-ported MAF, H-pipe, 2.5" Tailpipes, SLP Headers, Exports, 3.73's, BFG DR's.
Stock heads, stock cam, stock TC.
Best 1/4 mile: 13.541 @ 101.53 mph - belt off, 40 degree day, 1057' elev, 29.4"Hg.
Dynojet: 277.2 SAE RWHP @ 5110 rpm.

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I've got one. I think it's a fun toy. I haven't been to the track to see how accurate it is, but it is fairly consistent from run to run.

The big woodie does 0-60 in 6.4 to 6.7, and a best quarter mile of 15.1 at 95mph. Wheelspin makes the times much worse (0-60 in 7.1 and 1/4 mile in 16.8 - yuk).

I am happy with mine for the price - but watch out for tickets. It's easy to pay attention to the G-tech and not to the cops.


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1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon "Collectors Edition"
Mods (so far): Window Tint; Billet Specialties 17" x 9.5" Octane Wheels; Nitto 275/50 rear 255/50 front; Hotchkis "Extend" rear control arms; Hotchkis Anti-Sway Bars; Eibach Springs (1-1/2" drop); Bilstein "Cop" shocks;Air Lift bags in rear; Dynomax cat-back; Hypertech PP3; K&N Intake; F-body elbow; Airfoil; 3.73 GM gears
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