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HACK and Trunk Kits

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I have to start out with an apology. To everyone that I have not responded to, I have been in a real dark place (for me). I had to shut my business of 10 year down, take a job with a local shop, leave there because I was unwilling to sell my soul and ignore my family, took a different job with a better company for probably the least amount of money that I have ever made. Almost lost my house the list goes on.... But I now can possibly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have a great friend here in town that is a former Impala Owner and a great customer, he had the bad fortune to hear me talking about things that I would like to do if I had the money and the time. So he did some research and some soul searching himself and we went in and bought a Shop Sabre, CNC cutting machine. It should be delivered next week and will give me the ability to get the already paid for Trunk Kits out and to start taking new orders.

I have put the Trunk Kit in CAD and will start producing right after Impalafest. We will also start making Trunk Kits for other vehicles and also start making some cool stuff, some of it to start on Impalas and we will start making stuff for other cars. We will be able to work with Wood, Plastic, Lexan and Aluminum. Oh, did I mention that we will be able to cut up to a 4'x8' piece of material. Hell I will make an Aluminum kit if somebody wanted it!

Again, I am sorry for just dropping off the face of the Earth but I intend to make up for it.

I have the following items that I will be starting with:

Trunk Kits, Duh!
Door Speaker Plates in Aluminum and wood
6x9 Adapters in Aluminum and Wood
Radio Dash Kits in Aluminum and Lexan and will be working on a Double Din Kit
Armrest savers

And whatever else I can think of or create, send ideas if you have them.
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Mine's a deep-cycle Optima,but most of the batteries that fit the factory bracket are all roughly the same size.
Guess I'll try one of connecting it to the front battery and using it for my sound system
I have mine back there and I am going to have to build the panel out a little in order to work.
Could u post some pics when u do maybe?
Do your kits come with the sides only? Only reason I ask is b/c I dont think I will need the middle b/c I will have a box there with 2 15' L7 speakers
Im definately interested in the plexi radio kit along with the the speaker adapter kit and the fuse holder that you made. let me know pricing please. Thanks
Working on pricing. Here are a few things I prototyped today:


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I also have one with a Bowtie but have not cut it out yet. Also working on a defroster vent cover as well, with the same engraving options.


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As soon as pricing is posted im definately ordering
It's all about the leaping Impala. Waiting impatiently on pricing now.
Ok, so here is the pricing:

For one pair of plain armrest savers $20 shipped
For one pair of engraved armrest savers $25 shipped

If you want two pairs of plain $35 shipped
And for two pairs of engraved $45 shipped

Mixing and matching is fine with me since these will be cut to order.
I will take orders during the week, cut on the weekend and ship the following week.

These are made from 1/8" aluminum and have a countersink for the screws.
New stainless screws will be provided with each pair.
These can be polished out if you want. I will not be providing that service.

Custom orders are available. Contact me via PM or email.

I will post up the pictures of the other SStuff I am working on as I finish them.

Questions, comments?
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What occurred to me. Particularly with the "leaping-deer" design. Is to fill the engraving with a contrasting color epoxy,and sand flush. Probably not very practical on the supplier end,but it certainly could easily be done by the end user of the items.
Put me down for 2 pair of the leaping Impala and let me know when you need payment and a paypal addy.
I thought about that. A black (or any other color) paint pen could be used to fill in the engraving, then sand and polish them out. Or if I had access to an anodizing machine, then I could make them black and engrave into it.
OK, for the 2 pairs, send $45 to paypal address [email protected].
OK, for the 2 pairs, send $45 to paypal address [email protected].
PayPal sent. Thanks for the quality products you produce.
Yea i need 2 pair as well and very interested in the plexi dash kit you offer I want 2 pair of engraved with the deer.
Man, those are really nice!
Here is the set that I just shipped out added a little outer ball mill.


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Payment sent for 2 sets of engraved impala also need a price for the plexi dash kit
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