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HACK's New Products

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The other thread was getting to long.

So I am working on 10 or so things for our SS's.

We have already had the Trunk Kits but I am adding new stuff.

1. Arm Rest Savers: Made from 1/8" Aluminum. All have Countersunk Screw Holes and outside Ball Mill.
A. Plain $20 per pair shipped, $35 for 4
B. Leaping Impala $25 per pair shipped, $45 for 4
D. Impala Outline
E. Chevy Bowtie
F. 3 Line Ball Mill

2. Radio Kits,
A. Plexglass $50 shipped. Does not include LED's
B. Aluminum. Still working on it.

3. Defroster Cover. 1/8" Aluminum. Same logo options.

4. Front Console Cover.

5. PCM Cover.

6. Battery Cover.

7. Under Hood Cup Holder. Because there is never a good flat spot to put your beer when working under the hood.

8. Radio/AC Trim Bezel.

9. Door Sill Covers.

10. Rear Speaker Covers

More to come. I hope.
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Pictures would be nice.


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those leaping impala arm rest savers look great. ill take a set
I have 4 orders pending. Snapped off my last ball mill bit. New ones should be here Tuesday/Wednesday. Sorry for the delays guys.
Will these work on the back doors as well? If so I want enough for my four doors with the SS.
Please let me know how to send funds as well as when they will be available.

Rear speaker covers

Post a few pics when you get a chance of all the new parts. Thanks
Yes, these work on front and rear doors.

Sent $45 for 4 of them to [email protected]

I am drafting the other parts as I go. I should have pics as soon as my new bits come in.
Please let me know when these are ready to ship. I would like a 4dr set with SS.

Is the link above where we PP to?
That's it.
SStuff looks good! Those armrest savers may be needed!
Hey Hack, can the arm rest savers be made in black?
Funny you should ask. I have some anodized aluminum here that I was going to test with. I don't have much but I bet I can find somebody local to anodize some for me. I will check around.

So black with the milling being aluminum?
Need input. Which one of these do you like better?


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Need input. Which one of these do you like better?
2nd one looks good
Need input. Which one of these do you like better?
The middle looks the best to me.
1 and 2 look good. 3 looks to small. But I would probably want #2
I like the first one.

Yeah Hack, I would like to get a set of armrest savers in black. Not too concerned about the color of the etching as I will be filling it in with paint that matches my interior.
I will see what I can do when I get my new Bits.

What about these 2?


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I will see what I can do when I get my new Bits.

What about these 2?
Those both look good but the SS is the way to go IMO.

How about making a plug for the elbow for the home plate delete for those that only want to delete that and not do a whole CAI system?

I'm currently running a RAISS but when smog time comes around again i'll need to reinstall the factory air cleaner assembly but since i'm about to install vette rail covers i'll be removing the bracket for the home plate which means i'd need a plug for the elbow. Maybe an aluminum plug with the Impala engraved on it?
I should be able to handle that. Let me see what I can do.
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