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ok, so i have already deleted the 3rd seat, but i had left in the cover in there, and made a nice little storage compartment. But last night i had to take it to the next level...

So... i took out the whole subframe of the '3rd seat cover' and let me tell you, that was a fun one. I was thinking about turning it into a bed cover for something.

the idea that i had (besides the rear notch) is that you can lay a sheet of 3/4" MDF down inplace of the cover thing, and carpet as you want, mount things to it, whatever. and it will fit int he exact same point. I am mounting compressors and air tankes under it for the time being, and wanted to build a good size noise blocker, plus have a legitimate surfare to mount my amps to.

Instructions for those of you who daare to try this one...
1. raise the cover.
2. pull all the rubber gaskets out of the top of the frame (they pull right out)
3. 10mm socket, and pull the 8 10mm bolts from what connects the cover to the frame.
4. you kindof have to twist and push the drivers side down to get the spring mechanism off the drivers side.
5. lots of 7mm bolts around the frame
6. 1 star head torque bolt holding the release latch down (dont know the sizes there)
7. (2) 7mm bolts hidden under the carpet of the space between the 2nd seat and the 3rd seat. about 2" from the front corners. I have been back there 100 times and never saw those holes.
8. (i did this along time ago due to getting naked in the back with girls, and having big metal peice cut into her back) took out the hook thats in the center of the 'middle peice between the 2 seats'. it is a 12mm?? or a 10mm and the other side of the bolt is actually under the car. You really need 2 people for this unless you have really long arms.

From here, it should be able to just slide right out the back. leaves you with a nice big hole. woo hoo.

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nice mod.
but you said you wanted wide tires on your car. if you plan on lowering your wagon, you are going to need that space for your gas tank. i had to raise my tank above the frame rails. good luck. keep me posted.

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well there is many fun parts to this whole 'event' that is taking place. the box thing is temporary, the entire metal box section (whats used to be the floor pan for the 3rd seat) will be cut off, and re welded back on from the bottom to a hinge system. this will allow access to the batteries/compressors/air tanks/potentially the fuel cell from under the car, so that the top can be welded solid and flat. this will allow for the stereo system that will go in it. I am molding/welding in the rear, so i dont want to have to get in and out of the rear, nor do i want to get(or be lifting bottles)into the rear of the wagon, and potentially mess up the frame. some would say.. why not just get rid of the '3rdseat floor pan' and make some sort of box to hold all that stuff, or just mount those things under the car. well, its because that is NOT FUN.
THis weekend the rear bags go in. they will be temporary, and i am NOT doing the frame work yet. Not untill i find the Ford 9" that i am happy with, then i will procede to modify the frame, fit the axle and disk breaks, tub the rear completely. Then mold in the rear, and then stereo. (i am giving away way too much of my plan, but i still have some neato things to share with you)

ps. this wasnt really a mod. it was just something i had to do, and thought i would share it with the rest of you, just in case yo ever needed to do the same. But i am gonna do the MDF thingy so that i can hide the crap and the noisy compressor.
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