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Happy Birthday BK!

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Waynes91 (you're old - heh, heh) and fothermucker (just a pup) too!
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I'll take Erik's piece of b-day cake, for being rude to Wayne ... :cool:

and +1 on the b-day wishes....
-ALF out...
No numeric on BK huh?

That is a killer Forum "perk" if I do say so myself, like a Stealth Birthday mod.

Happy Birthday to all.
I almost forgot which one is the real one. Happy Birthday Bill!! I hope you and the family had a great time.
Happy Birthday......
Thanks all.

For the record I'm 45 but as per my wife I'm "45 going on 15" so I guess it's all in the mind, right?

Except I look and feel like I'm 60 these days! LOL...
Happy Birthday BK!!!:D:D:D:D dont eat too much cake or you willcwm8cwm8cwm8cwm8
thanks erik from the old guy in groton... excuse me why i take a hit of Geritol.. lol , and happy b-day to you bk .. you guys are great
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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