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Harris Speedworks Wet Nitrous System available

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I have a Nitrous System available for anyone interested. It is a Harris Speedworks Sudden Impact Modular Motor Wet Nitrous Kit. My friend had it installed on his Mustang GT but never even filled the bottle. I bought it and it has been in my garage. New this system will cost at least $1200 brand new but I am selling it for less. Here is what I have:

10# bottle with heater, remote opener kit, switch and mounting hardware
MSD digital RPM activated window switch (p/n 8969)
EFI fuel pressure safety switch
Nitrous purge solenoid
ZEX programmable TPS switch (p/n 82108)
Toggle switches, fuel solenoid and nitrous solenoid
Most related hoses and wiring necessary
Installation and user instructions for all components

Not included in this kit are a nitrous pressure guage (for inside car), fuel adapter, and purge line. You may also want to purchase a fuel pressure guage and an air to fuel ratio guage for your car as well.

With all that said I don't know much about nitrous systems. I will answer your questions from the instruction manuals as best as I can. This is mostly a complete system. You may need a few components to make it suitable for your needs. Like I said it is practically new, never even filled the bottle. Contact me if you have a question or would like to make an offer.
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how much?
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