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My current set-up is a stock head, lt-4cammed, cast flat pistoned 383....... I can get a set of unused Elliot stage-1 for $800 or new bare AFR heads w/full CNC porting Cam wise, whatever Elliot suggest with his, or Comp 501 with either? Car has shorty headers, 2.5 w/X-pipe, Stock TQ converter, 3.73. Not worried about quarter mile time, just looking to improve performance with good streetability and not to kill gas mileage completely..............Thoughts and imput from experience please cause opions are like as------ , well anyway........... Thanks, RBU
At $800 get the Elliott Heads.
501 Cam is a good street cam for a 350
There are a lot better selections for a 383.
Contact Bullet cams for a custom design
get one of the new LT-1 cams from LE.

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