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Hello everyone, haven’t been on the forum officially in several years. I am the member formally known as Southern Comfort... Yes I still have both of my Impalas even though I’ve neglected them over the years. I couldn’t get my original profile back because I don’t have the email address they was registered with that account anymore. Anywho...

i recently purchased a set of aluminum heads to go into one of babies that’s running a CompCam 305. Im looking forward advice as to what i need to do to the heads as far as getting them ported and what springs, rods, rockers, etc to go with. Can I use the springs, roller rockers, etc from my iron heads?

I am changing the heads out because I ran into a problem where one of my rocker arm studs broke not once but twice on my iron heads. Same stud on two different heads after being replaced.

The aluminum heads that I acquired are casting # 102128374

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