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Hearse Spindles?

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Hi guys, there's a 95 Fleetwood hearse for sale not too far away from me for a cool $1800 Canadian with 100'000 miles. Comes with a full tank of fuel. Interested in getting it as a parts car for my 95 RMW.
Would the hearse have 5/8" lower ball joints?
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Yes, but that is just the beginning. Those things ROCK for parts.

In addition to the spindle and LCA with the 5/8" ball joint, you also may find:

Bigger front brakes
14-bolt locking rear end
ABS delete
What gear ratio would the 14 bolt have?
Did hearses come with auto level control (G67)?
Most likely 2.93.
From memory I think the 14-bolt had a shorter ratio, like maybe 3.42. Keep in mind the sedan and wagon axles are different, though. It wouldn't fit your wagon.

All Fleetwoods came with auto level control. As far as I know the commercial chassis was no different.
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Not entirely sure about this.
Briefly owned a Fleetwood NON-Brougham R1P (livery package - think Fleetwood 9C6), not commercial chassis.
Had most if not all of the options that the rear passengers might appreciate, and 2.93, yet almost none of the options they would not notice or care about.
I for one never noticed any auto level control, despite

I would not be surprised if non-Brougham Fleetwoods, and / or Fleetwoods that were not for private use, would be less likely to come with auto level control.
I'm curious what you mean when you say you didn't notice.

I am willing to bet they never built a 93-96 Fleetwood with conventional shocks. If yours had them, it was likely because a previous owner deleted the air.

My red 94 is about as base as they get, and it has air shocks. I think leather seats might be the only option that car has.
96 Fleetwood Commercial Chassis has:
  • Bigger front suspension/steering components - Brakes, ball joints, tie rod ends, spindles (non ABS), wheel bearings, etc) are all bigger
  • 14 bolt rear end with 3.08 gears, posi, big drum brakes - This is a 3/4 ton truck rear end with "car" connections to the chassis and has stronger everything (including axles) than the wagon rear ends, however is sedan width
  • Auto Level
  • Abysmal disaster of a driveshaft
Very clutch (y)
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