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I know it's off the subject, I noticed you had a 96 9C1 from cook county sheriff's dept. Was that Cook county IL?

When applying my brakes and coming to a stop I have been experiencing noise. From about 20mph-10mph the front driver pads give a nice squeak. As I go from about 10mph to a complete stop I can hear and feel a rubbing, somewhat grinding, sensation and sound. But more of a rubbing "grooovvvv" sound.

As of August 2008, I have replaced on both the front and back, new pads, rotors, front bearings/seals, all hardware (pins, bushings, etc.), new rear caliper brackets w/boots and pins, and have used lube on all hardware and contact points.

In the past 8 months (end of spring and beginning of fall) I have cleaned and re-lubed all hardware twice, checked rotors for scratches and marks, pad wear, and fluid level, but all seems good.

This noise has been occurring off and on since around May, but has been much more frequent as of late. It does not happen on every stop, but seems to occur after the car has warmed up and been driven for a few minutes. It does not happen when I cold start the car for the day and drive through the first few stop signs in my neighborhood.

Any ideas? I was thinking sticking caliper, but I have absolutely no pulling on any type of braking scenario. Whether it be a hard or slow stop, the car tracks straight. Also the wheel does not feel any hotter than the other three. I am positive it is coming from the front driver from both the sound and feel in the pedal. That, and driving down the street with my door open and my head hanging out while I come to a stop! :)
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