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Help me figure an ET

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Ok I am looking to do a cruise and dragstrip event and I am curious what I might run. Not looking for dead on accurate just a guess. I have a 1996 Cadillac hearse. Best guess on weight is 5600lbs. By then it will have a full cai. I already have a K&N, aluminum cast elbow, TB splitter vane, and coolant bypass mod. It also has Hooker Super Competition headers and small cherry bombs. Guy that had it before me called them racing mufflers. There is a computer tune on it that at the very least affects shift points and firmness. The rear is a 9.5 inch 14 bolt rear with 4.10's and a TruTrac diff. The tires are 275/40-17's BFG G-Force Sports Comp2. Not sure what else I could add that might influence the times.
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This'll be as good as anything until you find a quiet interstate to check it yourself:
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