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I have a guy that has a NOS BigShot wet kit for sale. It's complete, minus wiring. It is designed for a Dominator, so I obviously won't use that part. $325

What else do I need to make this work on my car? I saw a throttle body spacer thing that you could hook up the lines to or something, but now I can't find that. Would that be okay for a wet shot? Or am I going to buy this thing and then need another couple hundred $$$ in stuff?

Am I okay with a 100 shot, if I don't change anything? Or do I need to do a fuel pump, pressure regulator, etc.

My motor is stock, and I have the 6 speed kit on the way. At some point I would like to up it to a 150 shot, but I figure I will wait until I do heads and a cam.

Yes, I have been searching, I am just not grasping this whole nitrous stuff. I feel like a frigin idiot.

I know I need a WOT switch. Do I need the 3,000 rpm switch too? Or was that only to save the stock transmission?

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instead of buying a kit designed for a carb and then adding alot of parts, why don't you buy a kit designed for the LT1??
It's only 399$ and is very complete. All you have to add is the Mallory 685(or other) and a bottle heather

Check this out:

I bought 2 N2O kits from Dean @ Dynotune Nitrous. Service/price/quality is very good. :cool:

Oh and BTW, i wouldn't trust the stock fuel pump. I was running a 75 shot and the fuel pressure droped while on the spray
I got a walbro 255lph from New Era Performance, i think they are 108$ for the kit. Ask for a 94-96 F-body (they don't list it for the b-body).
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