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Help with blown axle seal

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Hi friends!

Inspecting tires for an upcoming trip, noticed mucho "oil" had sprayed onto the inner side of one of the rear tires - figured it was a blown brake cylinder, since I had to slam on the brakes for a pickup and horsetrailer that pulled right in front of the 95 Caprice wagon. But upon investigation, and sniffing, realized it was 90weight or whatever the pumpkin oil is, all over everything and the axle seal leaking like crazy.

Never done this job before (have done the distributor remove, clean, replace, heater core flush, spark plugs, water pump, etc.) so would appreciate inside info to help me with this job. What a mess! Brake shoes, drum, everything coated in 90wt. Luckily I have new brake shoes already. Got the new seals, and figure once I do one side, I might as well do the other, before I forget how to do it.


Veronica (and of course this happens as winter approaches in Eastern Oregon, and me without even a concrete slab to work on)
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Cardboard sucks because you feel every rock and lump that is under it. Start with a good grade of plywood and lay the correct side down. You won't get any splinters. A good thickness allows one to drive the car on it and makes an excellent "driveway" for repairs. I use my ramps, jacks, stands, etc without issue.

If splinters are still a fear, lay a tarp down as well.

As for the seal problem, change the bearings as well. It is not a hard job at all, just messy and a little time consuming. The tool to pull the bearings can be "borrowed" from most any parts store but if you have a harbor freight near by.

Be prepared to find a bad axle shaft. If you do, do not waste your time with repair bearings or any other sort of band aid.
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What are everyone's thoughts about this solution - should the axle be damaged?

Repair bearing?
Simple. Just say NO to repair bearings, sleeves and any other generic band aid.

They just lead to bigger and more expensive repairs

Nice when I'm on the clock at work, not so much when I'm footing the bill in my driveway.
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Congrats on getting it done. Those RA axles will be just fine.
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