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I hope I have the correct topic area for this post. I want to sell my Impala and I have no idea what price to start at. Here a few things about it.

1995 Impala SS LT1 Engine

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- Runs well
- Tires are new
- Original engine, 152K miles
- Hotchkis springs
- Great stereo system with sub

- Needs paint job
- Interior seats old and ripped
- Crack in upper dash
- Has crack in driver side manifold
- Rear windows go down but not controlled by driver door
- Two windows off track

So I don't really know where to start to price this. I'm in Southern California. I'm sad to have to sell this thing... I've had it for over 13 years.

Any information would help.



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You may be tired of the ride and just want to be over it, but seriously consider fixing (most of them quickly/easily) or at least mitigating all the listed cons and also address any other normal repair/maint. / cosmetic issues. You are vastly reducing the pool of interested offerers, much less serious buyers, otherwise.
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