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1995 Caprice Wagon.
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Hey Folks!

My name's Thomas, people call me thom, hence the name. I'm from Maryland, and have been looking for a good condition B Body wagon for years and finally got the combination of space and money to pull off my dream. I pulled the trigger on the 95 Caprice attached just a couple of weeks ago, and I'm already completely infatuated with the car. It rips, and it's already got exhaust and some light modifications from the previous owner.

The tints and paint weren't from me and once it's mechanically sound I'm planning on getting her in a nice 9c1 blue, but first I need her to run like I want before I sink money into the

I'm planning on making it a project while I'm locked up in quarantine, and I'm looking forward to working on it. This forum has already been great for finding the common problems and I'm hoping to meet some of yall at meets when she's finally up and running how I want.

Off the bat, there are a few issues that I'm hoping I can get some help with:

Radiator: My radiator has a slow leak from a hose and inside the radiator. Obviously not ideal. What's are some good options for aftermarket radiators and hoses?

Sway bars: I'm already planning on getting some better tie rods and a centre link, but I was wondering what sway bars/bushings yall recommend for the front and rear, and if those will be a direct swap from the currently shot stock ones I've got on there.

Any other suggestions or common concerns would be appreciated (I know the optispark is going to give me trouble at some point). Looking forward to contributing here!


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