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Hey guys, I've been forever tryin' to find any threads leadin' me to the link of the guy who sells the HIDS for $203 (no offense to Mike who makes the SSteetlights -- a friend has 'em...loved the design and appearance, but not bright enough). I'm also lookin' for info on the blink blink system for my brake lights. Lastly, if I could be informed on quality BRIGHT, LEDs for my turn signals and parkin' lights (purple or red). Purple perferred.

I had some LEDS for my turn signals before and they were bright as hell -- I lOVED 'EM -- but when installed they turned out my parkin'lights and the company said I need Load Capacitors or somethin'. The don't sell anything online and the store who carried their bulbs, didn't carry the Load Whatsamajiggaz.

Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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