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HO/HA group buy sway bars
If I can arrange for 8 more people ...1 3/8" solid front bar, 1 1/2" solid rear bar, mounting hardware for the front includes poly bushings and end links. The 1 3/8" solid is 40% stiffer than the larger, hollow, longer 1 7/16" Hotchkis front sway bar. The rear of course is crazy stiffer than any other rear bar. The Limo is neutral (at 8000 lbs.) but the sedan hot set up for these bars is FE1 springs (really), or for sky high great handling (See Porsche SUV's) any 9C1 or trailer tow springs. Bruce at Malibu Performance has sold his last in stock set but will produce a new run of 20 sets once he has a group purchase. Every limo owner I know back in the states (I'm in Switzerland) wants a set. Like myself these are people who use their 94-96 FWB Limo to haul their dogs around. My daughter Lisbeth about 4 years ago drove my limo around Virginia International Raceway as fast as the average time for a stock Impala SS. (Horsepower, monster brakes and unreal handling is the magic on 15X8.5's and 275/60-15 Firehawks!) Details on my 96 FWB Limo I posted a few days ago on the forum announcement. Easily the rarest limo in Zurich, SW. right now. So I need 8 more to sign up. He's trying to keep the price per set as close to $321.00 as new production allows. I'll know the exact price by next week. I'll respond to any technical questions asap.He's in Malibu so I'm 9 time zones away so delays will happen. Who's in?
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