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Hi all. I'm the new guy with the 94 wagon that wasn't sure if it's a 1A2 or not. Still working on that but I have another question.

The floor of my wagon gets VERY hot when I drive it.
My wife had to put her feet up on the dash the other night because she said the floor was burning her. I thought she was exaggerating until I reached down and felt it. It was true. When we stopped and got out of the car I could feel lots of heat coming from the underside of the car. Is this normal? (The temp guage was not showing above normal.)

I'm planning to replace the carpet soon. Is there something I should put down before the carpet to fix this or is there another solution. Thanks.

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my guess is that you have clogged cats. your catalitic converters are right there. drivr it till it gets hot again, then CAREFULLY stick your head down so that you can look under the car. im almost 100% sure that thats it. hope this helps.

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Yes something is going on.
As ripped350 said it could be a clogged cat.
Other ideas,
The engine could be misfiring for any number of reasons. This will add air and raw fuel to the cat causing it to overheat.
Check underneath. There should be shields in place on the floor above the cats.
Is there any physical damage to the cats?
I drove my car for a few weeks with no carpets and although the floor got warm it never got blistering. The right will get hotter because of how the cats are situated but nothing like you are experiencing.
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