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I know a few people were concerned about the higher rate rear Hotchkis springs with the large HO bars. I raced my car yesterday at Waterford Hills, and have a report. First off, here is the combination I am running.

Roh Zr6 17x9.5" rims with 285/40r17 Kuhmo ECSTA MX tires
Del-A-lum bushings on all the a-arms
Hotchkis drop springs which are variable rate
HO front and rear sway bars
HAL QA-1 shocks
Metco extended length trailing arms.
Earl's stainless braided hose kit
Autospecialty rotors front and rear
Napa pads :D which worked very well.
ATE Super Blue brake fluid.
Torsen T2 with the Dynotech MMC driveshaft.

My alignment was a negative camber alignment done to the specs that somebody provided here on the message board.
Specs: Chevrolet '93-'96 Caprice/Impala SS (Modified Specs.)

Description Specification (deg) Tolerance (deg)

Front Left Camber -0.25 0.25
Front Right Camber -0.25 0.25
Front Cross Camber N/A 0.25
Front Caster 4.00 0.50
Front Cross Caster N/A 0.50
Front Total Toe 0.00 0.06
Rear Camber 0.00 0.50
Rear Total Toe 0.00 0.12
Thrust Angle 0.00 0.25

I had my shocks set at 8 in front and 5 in back. I changed this to 4 before getting to the track due to little bit of bounce or oscillation front to rear. The ride on the road is firm but not harsh, and is a lot more comfortable ride than many trucks I have ridden in.
On the track this combination proved to have a slight over-steer tendency, especially under braking. After a few runs, I adjusted the rear shocks to 3 and this brought the car to a more neutral feel. The car would drift nicely did not show any bad habits during weight transfer through the turns. I was easily able to keep up with vettes I was racing with, in fact, I passed an '89 L98 6spd coupe, a 6 spd. 2003 50th anniv. , and a 2003 Z06. I am very pleased with this setup. Next weekend I am going to try it out at the local autocross.

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You're getting rather hard core. Quite an impressive parts list as well. Looking forward to hearing more about this track stuff. I'm liking how your car is turning out too. Keep us posted!


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Just curious about the Del-A-lum bushings, do you feel they make a difference in handling or were they chosen strictly for quality reasons?

I'm doing almost the same thing, just waiting on my Hotchkis springs and trying to decide on the A frame upgrades. I'm considering Navy Lifers offerings and not sure why I'd need to replace the uppers or go with the Del-A-lum bushings.

I'm also using the stock de carbon shocks until I get to the point where I need new ones.

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I did all the mods at once, so all I have seen is one huge improvement. I think it is a good idea to do the bushings. They keep the chassis more consistent, and keep it operating in the proper direction (up and down with no front to back motion). You also increase the effectiveness of your shock and swaybar settings by reducing the bind in the bushings. I chose them for the reduction in chassis movement, but the quality is definitely a plus.
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