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Hello, just putting out some info for anyone currently looking for suspension stuff.

Currently (through 11/1/16) all Hotchkis stuff for our wagons is on sale and you can save 20% at

I had been considering the front and rear swaybars which run around $630 to $650. Just got them for $525 including shipping from THM Motorsports using a discount code on top of their fall sale pricing. They had the best price a week ago when I was looking.

If you just wanted the rear swaybar, it's 254.40 + shipping direct from

A month ago when redoing my rearend I needed all new trailing arm bushings and one new complete arm due to damage. For simplicity I opted to buy the Hotchkis complete 4 bar kit and I'm really happy with it even at the full $600+ price. Wish they were on sale then, I could have saved at least $100.
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