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I have been obsessing over this for weeks and would appreciate any advice:

The handling of my 88 caprice needs some major work so I am putting in ES polyeurethane bushings, the rest is all undecided. I have just bought two cragar ss 15x8 rims w bfg 255/60/15s. I ordered two to see if they would fit/how they look before I order the other two, however, now that I saw them on the car I want to get fatter - I'm thinking of slapping 15x10s with 295/50/15s (275 is too much of a diameter change). I think this would look really good. However, I already experience some understeer w the 255s.
If I went with 255 all round then I think I would get the hotchkiss lcas/bars because its all designed to work together.
If I go with the 295 I would want the fat HO bar in the rear to compensate/ prevent understeer. (maybe f bod front bar unnecessary w fat rear tires?) I am a bit leary of putting mix and match components that might not fit very well - I dont like the idea of getting my own hardware to bolt up the bars and I'm not sure the HO would fit the lcas - I'm thinking metco or hotchkiss. It would be very satisfying to know that the bars were engineered to work togethor/ bolt up to lcas/ hardware provided etc. (I dont want to kill myself coming of an exit too fast at five in the morning on a long trip.) Problem is, with the fatter tires in the rear I may get excessive understeer with the wimpy Hotchkiss bars.

I apologize for the length of this post, if anyone has any experience with similar dilemmas, I could use some advise as I'm no expert. Also I am debating between the stiffer Bilsteins (police ones) or the 1516s, though with th fatter tires I would definitely get the stiffer shocks as I think it might help prevent rub (once again correct me if I'm wrong - I just don't want to kill myself by being stupid)
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