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Hey guys need help here. I been having a shaking issue ever since I had my trans a posi replaced. Since April this year, I have been dealing with this madding shaking issue. Well this morning I took the drive shaft off and checked the output shaft of the trans and there is at lease quarter inch of up and down play. Is this normal? Would this be the cause of my shaking issue. It may be? Drivetrain experts please weigh in. I am actually going to pick up another trans because I always felt it was the trans even though the builder swore it wasn't, but I need some advice on what tolerances are allowed in the output shaft

This may also be the source of the thump/reverb feeling I get when going over bumps and rough roads it's really bad then.

Meant to say output shaft....... I think. The place where the drive shaft mates with the end of the trans, please excuse me.
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