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You will need a Terminal tool! Needles, nails, and push-pins will not work.
LISLE Part # 14900 is what is pictured
(The green Lisle tool will work also, but it is not spring loaded like the 14900 is)

And of course, the Connector itself.
A black, red, blue, or orange 3 pin Weather-Pack WILL NOT WORK!
The 'Green' Connector is indexed to fit the MAP Sensor.
You can buy a pigtail to rob the end from the following:
DORMAN Part # 85115
GM Part # 12085502
AC-Delco Part # PT123

These get expensive. If you want a connector for a lot less- email or PM me.

Here are my instructions on how to fix the green plug.

(skipping the open hood, remove home-base, etc)

Required parts and tool:

Step 1 - Locate green plug

Step 2 - Unplug from sensor, and remove (probably broken) Secondary Lock.

Step 3 - Insert Lisle spring loaded terminal remover, and PUSH until it pops out.

Step 4 - Insert removed terminal into new plug. (ONE AT A TIME!)

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Step 5 - Repeat with 2nd terminal.

Step 6 - Repeat with 3rd terminal.

Step 7 - Latch down secondary lock.

Step 8 - Plug it in!


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bada bing!!

got his connector and the swap was straight forward.

I had a terminal tool that worked (not one in OP's pic). It is a hollow tube with inner rod you push in.

old connector tab broke off years ago and was very brittle (heat). It broke further just unsnaping the bottom flap. This connector see's alot of heat so removeing it when doing engine work often breaks the tab off that locks the connector in place.

Like OP said you can buy the pigtail and harvest that connector (or splice wires...not what I would want to do). Or buy one from him for cheaper.

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since I never got my plugs from bigb9000 i paid for I thought I would add a very cheap way to get a plug for the MAP sensor that will work

If you have a early bubble in your local bone yard, 91-93, the MAP sensor is on the firewall on this car and usually in great shape due to being so far away form the heat. I Cut them off and finally got all 3 that were bad on all 3 of my ss cars over the last couple weeks and a couple extra for later

You will need the terminal tool above got off ebay for 8 bucks made by lisle, great tool.

The yard only charged me .50 cents for the plugs and they are in great shape due to their location
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