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Previous information can be found here.;f=18;t=001049

To begin, I picked up the box at the P.O. today in fine condition. Remember, it had a nice big ocean to cross. Box was dented on the ends, but inside contents were in great condition. He definatly did a good job packing it. Inside the box the liner was in a plastic bag to protect against water or somebodys Coolaid being spilled on it. Came with a three pages instructions. Including pictures(didn't even get that with my $5000 supercharger). The liner is as promised, and is exactly what I had expected. There are no space age materials, but the quality and look is very good. I must give "two thumbs up" and a "well worth the money" to Mark and his trunk liner. Everyone climb on board.


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I must give "two thumbs up" and a "well worth the money" to Mark and his trunk liner. Everyone climb on board.
Im trying to Mav but he hasn't posted back yet about taking orders? His previous post stated that the GP price ($110.00, Bowtie outline) Ends at the end of Jan! Hey Mark, give us an update?


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Good to hear you got your liner. :cool:

Where the hell are your pics???

Don't even get me started on those CM SC instructions! :mad:

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everyone has received their trunk liners, and everyone is happy, but no-one has actually installed one yet!

You've seen what Mav had to say.

This is what Scubean had to say (on 01/15/04):

i got my hood liner yesterday opened it and it is real nice workman ship i like it i will install this weekend and leave feedback i work nights so i don't really have a chance to do anything durning the day. any i think this trunk liner is while worth the money. thanks and i hope everything works out in your new business adventurer. thanks again.

I asked him to post pictures and feedback on the forum.

This is the person from ebay:

Ebay feedback:
Thank you worth the wait VERY VERY NICE A+A+A+++++
Email feedback:
Mark ,,, Wow It was as good as I expected . Have not installed,,
WE have snow up here 10 degrees out side!!! I didn't see instructions
until I got this email. From the looks of them very good. I don’t think you
should change anything ,, I have another 94 caprice that I am going to do
for another customer ,He might want one as well...

I am still hesitant to take any orders until someone has installed one. I haven't ordered the custom cardboard boxes (for shipping) yet either.

I am a really paranoid person - I expect everything to go wrong, because it really does seem that I have the worst luck in the world - to me anyway.

This is my plan: After Scubean post pictures of the installation, and his feedback, I will start with the orders. I am doing a maximum of 15 orders at the GP prices, and it will be first come first serve. Shipping costs range from $25 (close to Florida) to $40 if you are up in Seattle or thereabouts. If you are outside of the Continental US, it'll obviously be more.

As you know, these are made one at a time. So if you are at the tail end of the 15 orders, it may be a month or so before yours is finished.

After that, prices will go up significantly. I have talked with a lot of people who have seen the product in person. When I tell them what goes into making one, and how much I'm charging, the common response is "That's it?? That's all??" So non-GP prices will be starting at around $150 for the less complex shapes like bowties, etc. A plain, no logo trunklid liner would still be under $100. Custom orders would be around $200 - it really depends on complexity. As I have mentioned before, these are selling at cost - materials plus labor. I think it's fair that I make at least a little profit.

There will be no change in the current GP prices, since I've already committed to that.

Stay tuned. Sales should begin in the next day or two.


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Mark, wish I could install this great peice, but I am car less. I just wanted one really bad. :D As far as the prices going up after the GP, makes perfect since to me. They will still be worth the money.


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how are you i installed the trunk head liner like i said heres what i thought it installed very easily it looks good and i am happy with it it bring out the trunk i am going to use a couple more pieces of Velcro at the top and on the sides were the trunk hinges are because you can look right under it and i want it sealed tight but other then that it is very nice i slammed my trunk lid a couple of time to make sure it holds it did so i am satisfied with this again it is worth the money this is going to look good when i install my trunk kit.


Attachments Preview:

trunk liner 5.JPG

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ha everyone i tried to post the pictures but for so reason which i do know it did not work sorry i did send the picture to mark thou so maybe he can get it up.

the trunk liner only took about five mins. to install the longest part was to cut the velcro other than that it is well worth the money even after prices go up it will be worth it.

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Here's the picture of Scubean's install:

So, without further ado, let the orders begin!

Just to recap:

Group Purchase (until End of Jan 2004 - 15 orders only)...
Plain: $78
Deer/SS/Bowtie: $110
Flames: $120

Shipping costs: minimum of $25 (I'm in North Florida). Expect around $40 for West Coast - depends on exact location.

How To Order:
The first 15 people to email me at [email protected] get first dibs. Include full name, shipping address, and which model you want.

I will post who the 15 are as soon as it is complete. I will also email them. Whoever is on the list can then send me money via paypal within the next 48 hours. If someone is unable to send money during that time, the spot is open for someone else to fill it.

I expect the first few to be sent out in approx 3 weeks.

- Mark -

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There have now been ten orders, only 5 slots left open!

Sounds fine with me, but make sure you get your order in asap.
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