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I’m overwhelmed :) my first forum ever.

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I’m familiar with the term noob. I will now proceed with supporting details. I’ve NEVER registered to a single Forum. I built and maintained two websites for 7-8 years. Now is when I imagine I’ll get blasted for posting in the wrong area. I’m near Raleigh, North Carolina and have owned my 1995 Impala SS since 1997 when it had 30k miles. I sold it to my half sister at 78k miles and bought it back at 119k miles. Currently at 121k miles after siting for 48 months untouched while I was sick. I’m a retired professional automobile technician from 1989-2008 in new car dealerships then I owned and operated my own shop for 7 years before I got sick. My car is at my body shop as I type having the paint stripped for a total respray. I had my Son’s Civic Si done a few months ago. The $4000 job came in at $5800. Windshield, head lamps, emblems and such. My paint work is quoted at $8000 and I’d expect it to get close to $10k at the end of the work. The car is bone stock. I’ve put one set of brakes on the front and one on the rear. Other than an oil pan gasket, water pump, preventive OptiSpark, A/C compressor, a lot of tires and a fuel pump after it previously sat untouched for 36 months it’s been surprisingly durable. I may make a few suspension mods but nothing that I couldn’t return to factory. I’m sure I’ll be begging for help sourcing parts soon. As you can see “NOOB””
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