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This is the story, I have Acdelo pads on the Impala. They were fine for about 1000 miles. Since July, the fronts have been squeaking. I took them apart countless times, Put that anti squeak grease stuff on the back of the outer pad, cleaned everything up, lightly sanded the rotor and pad with 400 grit, and of course bent the ears. Doing this, the brakes will be silen for maybe 100 miles and will squeak every now and then. The squeak is only present during light braking.

ALSO! When the pad squeaks, at low speed right before the car comes to a complete stop I feel a light grinding noise and a slight vibration, like the pads are chattering.

Anyway, What should I try next? I'll take them apart ONE last time, After that I will buy a set for Hawk HPS pads for the front.

Also, why isnt the outter pad staying tight agaist the calipers body? Everytime I took the caliper off, I found a loose outter pad.


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A suggestion...try lubricating ALL of the metal to metal or metal to rubber contact points on the brake system--caliper to knuckle, pad to piston, pad to caliper, bolt/pin to caliper, etc. There's more to the sources of noise than just smearing goop on the back of pads.

Here's a new product I think you ought to give a try:

quoting the link directly above:

The result is a high-pressure, dry-film boundary that withstands extreme elements and lasts the life of the brake job and is the best lubricant for metal-to-metal and rubber-to-metal contact points within the braking system.

“Experienced technicians understand the importance of proper brake lubrication to prevent uneven pad wear, shifting pad shims and to help further dampen noise – the number one customer complaint,”

Ceramlub can also help minimize customer comebacks resulting from noise complaints. Test results show the product dampens noise significantly better than other lubricants on the market today – outperforming silicone grease lubricants in the number of noisy stops by 28% and ungreased brake components by 51%.

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Okay I will try that, if I can find it.

Yes, I forgot to write, I have cleaned ( wire brushed) and greased all the contact points. I have been doing that for years on every set of brakes I replaced. I was using wheel bearing grease, It said it worked on disc brakes, so I put a real thin film on the steering knuckle. Perhaps that grease is just less then optimal.

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It doesn't take much--I can send you some if you'd like. I'd like to know if it really can make a difference with a "problem" car.
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