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I'm no gear head or mechanic, but I did the bushing mod all by myself, and I must say it is as good as everyone claims it to be. I really like the improvement in feel I now have.


Let me make some observations that I hope will be beneficial for anyone who hasn't done this mod yet. I own a 9C1, so I had old bushings to remove, unlike Impala and regualr Caprice owners, who have none.
Anyway, I didn't have ANY in the #1 position.

And speaking of position #1, it is NOT behind the tires. Position #1 can't be seen from underneath the car. The plasic materials that hold the front air dams in place (in FRONT of the tires) have to be removed first in order to reveal the holes.

I did need newer, and longer, bolts for the #1 position, since there were no bushings there to begin with. Also, this is the only position that has a nut at the top of the bolt, and in order to reach it, i had to remove my airbox on the driver's side and remove the battery on the passenger side.

Positions 2 and 3 are directly aft of the front tires and very close together. These were pretty easy to do.

No, I missed @4 because I thought it was further back down the length of the car. However, position 4 does NOT have the same large holes to acces the bolts b/c you can reach above the small hole and actually touch this bushing. However, I left these alone....the bushings looked differnt, and after removing one, I noticed the bolt was different. So, these didn't get changed.

That left me positions 5, 6, and 7 left. 5 is directly in front of the rear tires, and 6 and 7 are nearest the very end of the car, close together like #'s 2 and 3. All of those went well, too.

I've seen people say don't do position 5, there's no bushings there. Maybe it's just my 9C1, but there definitely WERE bushings there, and I'm glad I replaced them. After 90,000 police-driven miles, they were ready to be retired. So, instead of skipping #5, I skipped 4. I had to choose to skip one f the positions, as I only had 6 pairs of bushings, per the instructions you see posted on all the Impala websites.

If anyone wants to wade in and correct me or corroborate this, please fel free. But I'm done with this mod, and I'm happy with it, so I don't suspect anyone will be able to persuade me that I did it wrong! ;) Besides, position #4 is in the very middle of the car, and I felt it was the best one to skip over (since I HAD to choose) since it wasn't near the axles, which bear most of the brunt of the car's motion and connection with the road.

OK, it's late, and I hope I made sense....... :rolleyes: g'nite!!

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What you are calling position 1 is not postion 1. It is called "radiator support". You don't want to put a body bushing there. The instructions would be better if they pointed that out.

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Yeah, I believe you added bushings to the core support, don't do that, put them back to stock and check over all the positions again.

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Hmmmm.....radiator mounts, eh? Well, it's too late now, because I threw all the old bushings away. And like I said, i like the feel of the car now, so maybe putting bushings there wasn't sucha bad idea.

Also, if this is true, than I cound only 6 total body bushing positions. Maybe I'm wrong again, but that was the total number I came up with. Oh well, the car feels better....I'm not going to do all that jacking and work all over again just to tweak just a tiny bit more of performance out of it. :D

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On the '77-'96 B-Body, the body itself is mounted on 14 rubber cushions to the frame, 7 on each side. The rubber cushions that mount the radiator support are not considered body bushings. Although confusing, some people call the radiator support bushing posistion zero.

The '77-'90 cars (4th Gen B-Bodies) have an upper and lower cushion for the radiator support. Shims are placed between the upper cushion and the radiator support for fender alingment. Any insight on why the '91-'96 cars (5th Gen B-Bodies) do not have the lower cushions?

The seven body posistions are as follows.

<LI>Posistions 1 & 2 are behind the front wheel in the diagonal frame section located directly under the base of the firewall.

<LI>Posistion 3 is located about halfway down the passenger compartment, about where the front and rear doors meet more or less in-line with the B-pillar.

<LI>Posistion 4 is in front of the rear wheel, about where the frame rail transistions from parallel to diagonal, somewhat in-line with the trailing edge of the back door.

<LI>Posistion 5 is above the rear axle near the spring pocket and upper shock mount. NOTE, this posistion does not have a thru-bolt or a lower cushion, the upper cushion is held in place by the weight of the body.

<LI>Posistion 6 is in the parallel frame section after the axle, about halfway down the quarter panel.

<LI>Position 7 is at the extreme end of the frame right where the rear bumper shocks mount to.

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Well, shame on me then. I guess I'll buy two more bushings and put them in the positions I skipped under the b-pillar. I'm NOT going to remove the ones from the radiator mount. Too much trouble to remove the plastic moulding and air the air box and battery. Not that I think the bushins hurt being I said, the ride feels better! ;)

So I've got a few extra bushings, so what? :D

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I bought an additional two bushings for the #3 position, which I thought was #4, that I skipped. Thanks to everyone who responded and set me straight!

:cool: :cool: :cool:

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KWBaraka:
What type of bushings did you get; rubber or polyurethane???

Just wonderin'.


I used the rubber ones recommended by the article at The Herd. I can find the part #'s for you if you like.....

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I finally completed this mod 100%, in case anyone is still interested. :rolleyes: :D

Anyway, I haven't been able to drive it yet as I immediately disassembled my steering shaft after finishing the busging mod. Oh well, the price you pay for modding! :cool:
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