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I hope they make this!

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Found this today on the Lt1 tech Facebook page. They are thinking about a 3rd prototype for B bodies if there’s enough interest.
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To quote LT1 tech and performance:
"This is a Gen 2 LT1 / LT4 Whipple supercharger kit that's in development for C4 Corvettes and F-bodies."
"... it will come with the supercharger intake manifold, supercharger mount baseplate, supercharger intake box, cold air intake, fuel rails, bypass valve, 160°F thermostat, and the other things that are attached to the stock intake manifold ..."

Thing the 1st:
B-cars have much more room under hood than Y- & F-bodies - yet once again, B-cars are an afterthought ...
Thing the 2nd:
Is there such a thing as an LT1 larger than
408 Cu In (6.69Litres)?
How much more power do 408 LT1 engines make, compared to 396 LT1s?
How much more power do 396 LT1 engines make, compared to 383 LT1s?
What I'm trying to get at, is how much (more) power LT1 heads are capable of making, and how much the bottom end is capable of withstanding.
Point is, I don't see an IronBlock LT1 - 408, 396, or 383 - capable of either withstanding or making 1000horse, without spending enough money to make an LQ4 / LQ9 conversion a better value.
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