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So this has happened to me twice in a week, and I have only had my car a month. The really only visible modifications I have done to my Roadmaster is that I changed all the interior bulbs to blue LED's. is great, but for the price of one bulb from them I got 5 from Walmart (Ya I said Walmart).

It seems to happen at night when I am stopped to retrieve my mail. People actually stop! "Hey, I like your car!", "Thanks, it's a MF Roadmaster!" My first thought is like ya, I know it's a sweet ride, that's why I have it, but then I am grateful for the appreciation. But I wonder why the simplest thing I could do causes the most reaction.
The lights are cool, but my heater works great, you can't see that, and you can't see why I care.
How about the exhaust? it sounds great except my manifold leaks.
And I have an emblem glued to my trunk that was from a 1947 Buick Roadmaster. Did you notice that?
I feel like I have an awesome ride, I feel like everyone who participates on this forum has a similar, and equally sweet ride.
But, why has my stupid blue lights caused the most reaction out of the general public?
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