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:confused: Hey fellas!
I've been trying to follow what breaks are good and which are not recomended, but it's gotten a bit comfusing. I am not entirely clueless about cars, and particularly mine, but I'm not as advanced as many of you.

What I'd like to be recomended and helped with is:

FRONT ROTORS- which ones? I don't want drilled w/ all the talk about not beeing necessary. What should I get for a price range of ~$70-$90 each. ALSO, I have a 9C1, and as I understand it, it's diff than the Impala SS ones. Can I use an Impala SS rotor/brake application to a 9C1 without much problem???

PADS- I had the 9C1 ones and lasted me 2 1/2 years. I've put in a little over 50,000 miles those years, I live in L.A., and run my car HARD! Are there any better ones, performance or durable wise. Where can I get those same 9C1 pads or others recomended?

I'm in the process of orering the stealth bolt for the "break-mod" too. But I need some direction as to what to get!
I appreciate any imput on this!

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Thanks a lot man!
'Got in touch w/ them and I liked what I saw.
I might just use'em.
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